31+ The Beach At Night Ferrante

31+ The Beach At Night Ferrante. Elena ferrante's wondrous, newly translated picture book, the beach at night, is going to shock many americans so ferrante's story of a lost doll's utterly terrifying night at the beach, illustrated by mara cerri with a velvety spookiness, didn't cause a stir when it was published in italy in 2007. This is a really charming little children's book with ferrante's story supplemented by nice illustrations by mara cerri.

Elena Ferrante Ew Com
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Celina is having a terrible night, one full of jealousy for the new kitten, feelings of abandonment and sadness, misadventures at the hands of the beach. But the teeth of the dark animal are gentle. Hardcover, 0 pages, penguin group usa, list price:

Elena ferrante returns to the tale at the centre of the novel she considers to be a turning point in her development as a writer:

Accompanied by the oneiric illustrations of mara cerri, the beach at night is a story for all of ferrante's many ardent fans. By elena ferrante, mara cerri and ann goldstein. (.) ferrante fans may well find the beach at night intriguing, and it is certainly beautifully written. I fly through the orange air of dawn, my teeth clenched around the ma of mamma.

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