38+ Drug Free Life Slogans

Say no to drugs, it’s your decision. Drugs are whack so watch your back.

It's never too late to be what you might have been. Free

A life on ecstasy will turn to misery.

Drug free life slogans. Don’t be insane, drugs ruin the brain. You use, you lose get high on life, not on drugs god made the herb to use, not to abuse hugs not drugs i rather eat bugs than do drugs if you aren’t drug free you can’t hang with me it is easier to stay off drugs than get on drugs Up with hope, down with dope

Pull your plug out of drugs; Refusing is a better choice. I rather eat bugs than do drugs.

So there’s no intervention, start with prevention. You’ve got the power!.to say no to drugs. Drugs are whack, stay on the right track.

Drugs costs you more than money. Life is what you make it, make it drug free. Drugs are whack to watch your back.

All roads that lead to death. Always be ready to refuse Your mama loves you, drugs make her cry.

See more ideas about drug free quote, drug quotes, drug free posters. Shoot for the stars not your arms; Don’t turn your life to a misery, with a life on ecstasy.

I'm too good for drugs; Drugs aren’t cool they make you act like a fool. If you choose the booze, you lose;

Drug free is the way to be. Sometimes running away is a better choice; Proud to be drug free.

Pill can be thrill, don’t fall for, it will kill! Do not allow the drug to destroy; Don’t throw your life away for drugs.

No drug user grows old, they die painfully being young. Drug abuse is of no use. Life does not rewind, say no to drugs.

You don’t love mama when you drug. Drugs make a strong person weak Browse through our collection of handpicked slogans about different issues at azslogans.com

The most abused drug classes are narcotic pain killers, central nervous system depressants, and stimulants. Be free to be you, be free of drugs; Tuning out of drugs is much cooler;

Cool kids don’t do drugs. Don’t be influenced, rise above it! Get high on helping your family.

Say yes to life and say no to drugs. Don’t do pot, your brain will rot. Be the best you can be choose to be drug free.

Drugs will kill you slow and steady. Delete drugs or they will delete you from this world. People become slugs when they do drugs.

A collection of drug free slogans. Up with hope down with dope. To combat the abuse of drugs, the following series of drug prevention slogans have become popularized around the united states to raise awareness of drug.

Drug free is the way to be drugs are whack so watch your back drugs cost you more than just money drugs: Drugs are no treat, beware it may trick you. Drug free life, the best life.

Drug addiction is not fiction. Don’t start and be smart. Drug free is the way to be.

Come with me and be drug free. Drugs are a grave mistake. Stop abusing life with drug;

Drugs are like a knife which kills your entire life. Yes, i can live a drug free life! Keep calm and choose life.

Drug free is the key. They will make a hole in your life span. Drug free is the way to be.

Drug free is the key. Say no while you can. No room for drugs in this world, be drug free.

Drug free is the way to be; Say yes to life, say no to drugs. Count on me to be drug free.

The more you use, the less you live. Say no to drugs, say it to all. I pledge to be drug free.

Stop the process of slow poison in your life; Say no to drugs, say yes to good health. I mustache you to be drug free.

The hero does math, not meth. Count on me to be drug free. Count on me to be drug free.

Coke life can blow you off! Quit and live like a lion; Drug use is life abuse.

Keep calm & stop cocaine. Your future is key — stay drug free Be happy be brave be drug free.

Don’t throw away your life for drugs. Anti drug slogans for school. Use your brain, don’t fry it.

Refusing could be a great choice. Smoking the dope won't help you cope; Get high on life, not on drugs.

Drug is a poison that kills your ambition. Drugs are like a hole that will ruin your soul. Drugs affect more than just you.

Don’t get high, reach for the sky. Stay drug free and be the best you could be. It’s not you when you do drugs!

Don’t fall for the death trap, it will make you sick! Keep calm & be drug free. Get high on grades, not drugs.

Stay on the right track, stay away from crack.

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