48+ Free Jump Stirrups Soft Up Pro

Soft 'up pro+ is a new single branch riding stirrup which combines comfort, safety and simplicity.its patented flexible outer branch made of elastollan® helps to free the foot in case of a fall. Soft'up pro + discover the selection.

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Stay comfortable, balanced and secure with the new and improved freejump soft'up pro+ stirrups.

Free jump stirrups soft up pro. Follow us on social networks Soft’up pro, praised amongst the world’s top riders is a single branch stirrups which combines performance, comfort, safety and simplicity. Our research and development on the soft’up pro+stirrups led us to validate the choice of an enlarged platform with rounded corners to improve the comfort.

Because of the parallel eye bar this stirrup, unlike freejumps pro/pro+ model, encourages the riders toes to turn The freejump soft’up classic’s beautiful design comes from a collaboration between the italian automotive design house pininfarina (alfa romeo, ferrari) and french olympian penelope leprevost. The angled eye of the soft’up pro and soft’ up lite stirrups provides real comfort and the 45° angle makes it easy to position your foot.the straight eye of the soft’up classic:

Freejump stirrups are available in one width/size only. The new soft up classic stirrups are specially designed for use in jumper, hunter and equitation ring. The stirrups are left and right.

Freejump safety stirrups soft up pro+ shock absorption with “plus” extended foot platform have the added benefit of a 27% wider footbed. Just like a helmet provides safety, the freejump soft up lite are the ideal safety stirrups, exclusively designed for children and young riders. A removable pin’s is attached to the mini branch to customize the soft’up lite ( colors, print or flags) youtube.

Freejump soft'up pro+ stirrups black/bordeaux. They provide unparalleled safety and balance. Oscar&gabrielle 2021 live fashion show.

For riders that have suffered leg, foot or ankle injures these stirrups are a must. Soft’up pro + crystal edition; Soft'up pro + discover the products.

Stemming from the research and development out of freejumps soft'up classic stirrup they have upgraded the soft'up pro. The nonskid wide elastomer floor removable, the abs shell, the high resistance spring steel monobranch guarantee the best riding conditions. Stirrups leather single strap pro grip.

The width is just under 5. Follow us on social networks. Specifications of freejump soft’up pro:

The soft up lite stirrups retain all the safety and performance parameters of the soft up pro stirrups. The soft’up lite features a new flexible outer branch which helps to free the foot in case of a fall. The flexible outer branch is made from a special material that allows the foot to be released in case of accident or fall.

The tread is 1.6cm (27%) bigger to allow greater contact with the rider's foot in combination with increased shock absorption capabilities. Now, get the latest 2019 version of the most popular safety stirrups in the world. Freejump are simply the leading safety stirrup in today's equestrian market for performance and style.

Open eye for fastening to the single strap; 45° angled eye for a perfect foot position; The freejump soft up lite stirrups are the perfect stirrups for kids and young riders.

They have a smaller profile than the original freejump stirrups soft up pro. Freejump soft up pro stirrups are a new single branch riding stirrup combining comfort, safety and simplicity. Freejump's flexible outside abs branch guarantees release of the rider from the stirrup in the event of a fall.

Its patented flexible outer branch made of elastollan® helps to free the foot in case of a fall. Patented flexible outer branch made of elastollan® which helps free the foot in case of fall We are bringing this latest improvement to the soft’up pro+ features a platform extended by 1.6 cm (27% enlarged) which allows an exceptional foot touch in combination with the shocks’ absorption capabilities of the spring steel.

These new stirrups from freejump are designed for women and girls. They have a bendy plastic arm which will stop your foot getting trapped however, if you get really stuck (for example in a fall) the arm will snap away completely if. The soft’up pro+ features an 27% larger foot thread, allowing for an unparalleled comfort for the riding foot and ankle in combination with the shock absorption capabilities of the spring steel frame.

Exclusive use with freejump stirrups soft'up pro/lite. Soft'up pro + soft’up pro + pad pro grip; The freejump soft’up pro probably isn’t the most clever choice for a george morris clinic but the stirrup will definitely free your foot in the case of falling off.

Freejump safety soft’up pro adult stirrups are the latest innovation in safety stirrups. Soft’up pro and soft’up are completely different stirrups!

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