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We have experience with blogs and we understand the type of content they like. We have more than 720.000 emails on our database of all professional music industry genre from djs and producers to labels, artists agencies, radio and music blogs, promoters and clubs.

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We currently have over 400,000 playlist followers across channels that may consider your music to be featured for free.

Free music promotion blogs. Submithub is the easiest way to promote your music to blogs, record labels, radio stations, spotify playlisters and youtube or soundcloud channels. In order to help you, i worked hard on a long list of 222+ music blogs which you can submit your music to. To make it easier to read, i’ve organized the entire list as a table.

It’s all about the blogs Get free access to new music submission opportunities posted for possible placements. Some blogs are small affairs powered by individuals, or a bunch of friends, who love music.

Framed network music writes reviews and blogs about accessible, electronic dance music. You can send us your bio, social media links and video to submit. Promote your music on repostexchange.

Definitivepromo is a complete record label management system giving you all the tools you need to promote your label releases and artists. Get free song promotion to 200,000+ social and member connections. The music blogs and magazines accepting submissions aren’t organized in any particular order.

The other side of the tracks. This blog is helpful for getting music production news, videos, and. Various genres a&r factory is.

Other blogs are more like businesses, and they attract the attention of music execs, promoters, and producers. Free music promotion for all genres. We submit your new single release directly to the blogs for placement.

Fill out the form below. Audiotox is a music blog that focuses on new music and current acts. This blog is helpful if you’re looking into creating digital music, motion, mode, and more.

One promolink for all the leading streaming platforms. Let your fans listen the way they love. Hammarica is dedicated to promoting of acts with a.

Almost all music blogs that review music, do so to get emerging artists exposure. 100 music blogs for music submissions. We've helped producers land placements with.

Humanhuman, send music to blogs for feedback and promotion. Get on music blogs today! Music blogs that share news, reviews, and interviews.

We're not just hip hop music promotion, we're the best music promotion services that promotes all music. Team up with other creators & build your network. You submit your music through submit hub and most artists can get their music featured if.

Songtrust, collect publishing royalties worldwide. I’ve only shared publicly available email addresses. Songtradr, submit music for sync licensing opportunities.

Our database of opportunities are constantly growing. Follow the instructions below for a chance to get some free exposure. Droptrack, send music to blogs for feedback and promotion (referral link, use discount code:

Promote your music on repostexchange. If you would like us to write up a press release we charge $99. Follow us on instagram or youtube by clicking one of the buttons below (opens in a new tab) 2.

Get marketing methods that get your music to 1000s of djs, blogs, labels, radio shows. Of course, not everything is free, but they offer much information for free! Read up on how to send music to blogs » submithub, send music to blogs for promotion.

Or enter music company competitions; Team up with other creators & build your network. Every month you will get new updated links as well as zero day 24/7 updates for other submission opportunities as they appear online.

With beatscore your music is always connected. We are giving up and coming music producers and beat makers the opportunity to showcase their beats and instrumentals on our youtube channel which has over 68k subscribers and over 7,000,000 views!

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